Yom Sheini, 5 Tammuz 5778

Recycling Program

Look for the Blue!
The right thing, the right way!
Recycling is a responsible action that we can all take to benefit our world and our future. It is the smart and sustainable solution to conserve our natural resources.

When you're on campus and have trash, please know what should be thrown away in the blue bins, and what must be thrown away in regular "trash":

What Can go in:Blue Bin

Aluminum and Tin Cans

Cardboard Boxes

White & Colored Paper




Junk Mail 


Brochures & Pamphlets 

Coated paper

What Can’t go in:
Candy Wrappers

Food Soiled Cardboard
Plastic Bags
Wet or Soiled Paper
Used Paper Cups
Used Paper Plate

Used Paper Towels 

Used Tissues

Nevadans for the Common Good

Congregation Ner Tamid is affiliated with Nevadans for the Common Good (NCG).  NCG is a non-partisan affiliation of organizations focused on improving life in Nevada now and into the future, by forming purposeful relationships between clergy, congregations, social service organizations, government officials, and business leaders to build stronger families, healthier communities, and a more just world.  NCG acts to strengthen family and community in solidarity with others, across lines of race, class and religion.

In April, 2015, Congregation Ner Tamid hosted the Elder Care Academy, a collaboration between CNT and the Nevadans for the Common Good.  A direct outcome of this forum is CNT's Caregiver Support Group, in response to the requests of caregivers who attended the Academy.  Caring for a loved one who is ill or elderly and needing assistance can be very stressful and frustrating, and usually results in a sense of sadness and loss that comes from the changes you observe in the person who now needs your help.  The Caregiver Support Group will be an opportunity to share common experiences and glean new ideas from people "who walk in your shoes."  Speakers will be engaged, based on topics requested by participants.  Meetings will be held on Sundays once a month, between 12 noon and 1:30 pm and facilitated by volunteer Jennifer Cohen, RN.  The meetings will begin after the High Holy Days.  If you would like to join the CNT Caregiver Support Group, please call the Temple office at 702-733-6292 and leave your name, phone number and e-mail, and we will contact you with more information.


Social Action

Social Action BlessingTikkun Olam
Blessed are You, Eternal our God, Sovereign of the universe; you hallow us with Your mitzvot and command us to pursue justice. Amen

The members of the executive board often refer to the Social Action Committee as the heart of our synagogue. The committee embraces the practice of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world through social justice and mitzvot.

Social Action Activities: 

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Come to a Social Action Committee meeting. The meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at 6:00pm.
  • Share with others what issues are important to you!
  • Add your e-mail address or telephone numbers to the Social Action Committee Roster.
  • Chair an event.
  • Participate in an activity.

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Chesed "A Caring Community"

CNT is a K'hillat ChesedCaring Community
Members participate in Chesed activities that create an atmosphere of connection within our own Temple family. Visiting the sick, providing transportation to a member in need and phone calls of reassurance are just a few of the important mitzvot (good deeds) carried out by this special group of volunteers.

Bikkur Cholim Society
Volunteers are trained to visit the ill and injured in the hospital or nursing home. If you know of someone who would like a visit or a call from a Chesed committee member please contact the Temple Office at 733-6292. Together we are a K'hillat Chesed...a community of loving-kindness.

Volunteers place phone calls and send cards and notes of support to those who are ill, grieving, or in difficult times.

Volunteers attend funerals, make shiva calls, and provide emotional support for the grieving.

Mitzvah Baskets
Are created and delivered by the Chesed Committee to those who are ill or returning home from the hospital.

Misheberach Tapestry
Squares are created by congregants to be sewn into a healing quilt for use during Healing Services.

Family Promise
CNT is one of many local religious organizations who hosts a group of homeless families for one week, four times a year, providing meals and overnight accomodations.

Rosh HaShanah Bags
Are created and delivered by the Chesed Committee to those congregants who are at home, hospitalized, or in residential facilities to bring cheer for Rosh HaShanah. We also send over 50 cards, and send L'Shanah Tovah wishes to college students.

Support Groups
CNT hosts many self-help support groups, AA, NA, OA & and parent / teen group, and a Caregiver Suppport Group.

Rabbi Hillel taught, "Do not separate yourself from the community; do not be certain of yourself until the day you die; do not judge another until you are in his position..." Pirke Avot