Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

Outreach & Interfaith

OUTREACH......the Reform Movement welcomes and supports those who choose to explore Judaism.  Introduced over 30 years ago, Outreach began as an initiative of the Reform Movement, thanks to the leadership of then-President of the UAHC (Union of American Hebrew Congregations, now Union for Reform Judaism) Rabbi Alexander Schindler.  CNT's Outreach Program serves the needs of interfaith couples, couples considering interfaith marriage, Jews by Choice, relatives of interfaith couples...anyone concerned about Jewish values, history and traditions.  Our Congregation is the only Temple in Southern Nevada which specifically provides Outreach programming: providing support, education, mentoring and opportunities to share experiences to individuals and families newly engaging in living Jewishly. Typically, Outreach Programs are holiday or life-cycle based; designed to teach different skills related to blessings and ritual actions as well as an enhanced knowledge of customs and traditions.  Congregation Ner Tamid offers many programs on Jewish observance and values appropriate to the beginner, and not all of them are designated specifically for "Outreach" members; you are encouraged to attend all Lifelong Learning programs offered at CNT.

A TASTE OF JUDAISM: Each Spring, CNT offers A Taste of Judaism, a 3-part class giving a broad overview of Jewish history, beliefs and values.  Appropriate for everyone who feels they lack a foundational understanding of Judaism, this class is often the first-step for couples considering interfaith marriage, and/or the non-Jewish family of an interfaith couple.

INTRODUCTION TO JUDAISM:  Each summer our Congregation offers a 5-8-week "Introduction to Judaism Class" which is open to all - those curious about our religion and customs; those thinking about conversion; and those born Jewish, but with little knowledge and lots of questions. The Intro to Judaism Class considers the Jewish views of God, Prayer, the Sabbath, and Jewish Observance. Intro to Judaism is a pre-requisite to joining the Conversion Class.

CONVERSION CLASS - CHOOSING JUDAISM: For those deciding upon conversion, each September begins a new Conversion Class (although, upon consultation with Rabbi Akselrad, it is possible to begin the process mid-year). Conversion students engage in a more in-depth discussion and exploration of Judaism and how choosing Judaism will impact their lives.  Hebrew is included in the program. Admittance to this class requires acceptance from Rabbi Akselrad.  To schedule an appointment with the Rabbi, contact the Temple office at 702-733-6292.

Our congregation has a commitment to making everyone feel a part of the temple community.  We have had a long history of welcoming inter-faith families and Jews-by-Choice. Each person's path into Jewish life is unique, and it is our desire to help people in their Jewish choices and to create a caring and supportive community. If you would like information about CNT Outreach & Interfaith programs please contact the Temple Office at 733-6292.