Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

Recycling Program

Look for the Blue!
The right thing, the right way!
Recycling is a responsible action that we can all take to benefit our world and our future. It is the smart and sustainable solution to conserve our natural resources.

When you're on campus and have trash, please know what should be thrown away in the blue bins, and what must be thrown away in regular "trash":

What Can go in:Blue Bin

Aluminum and Tin Cans

Cardboard Boxes

White & Colored Paper




Junk Mail 


Brochures & Pamphlets 

Coated paper

What Can’t go in:
Candy Wrappers

Food Soiled Cardboard
Plastic Bags
Wet or Soiled Paper
Used Paper Cups
Used Paper Plate

Used Paper Towels 

Used Tissues