Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

Sisterhood Prayer

Adonai, we ask You to sanctify and bless this group of women as we come together as a Sisterhood. Grant us the capacity to love and to learn and to be open to new ideas. Enable us to share with others both in heart and mind. May You help us to fulfill and use all our abilities as we continue to do mitzvot. Give us the strength and courage to accomplish the hopes, dreams and goals of our organization. Please help us to find the way to be better women and to be strong enough to help our synagogue and our community in every possible way. Give us patience and understanding and instill in us knowledge and energy so that we may help others. Help guide us as we travel along on our journeys. Help us to understand, lead and respect each other. Thank you, God, for helping us to become the women we are, and the women we will become. Watch over us and keep us safe. Give us the strength to endure each day in good health and happiness. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help others. Please give us the strength to make a difference.

Shechina grant us:
The wisdom to lead
The patience to listen
The compassion to feel
The tolerance to understand
The courage to change

We ask for Your strength and guidance in achieving our goals for the good of our community.

Developed by Rabbi Jennifer Weiner with help from the Sisterhood Board members who participated in the first annual Board orientation and retreat.