Yom Shlishi, 5 Av 5778

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Congregation Ner Tamid is to provide meaningful religious services, life-long Jewish learning opportunities, cultural programs and social activities in order to perpetuate and advance Reform Judaism.

To fulfill this mission, CNT's goals are:

  • To foster a warm, caring and inclusive environment for a diverse community, including individuals, couples and families of all types.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for congregants to connect with the three pillars of Reform Judaism: Torah, Avodah, v'Gimilut Chasadim (study, worship and acts of loving kindness).
  • To support the State of Israel and K'lal Yisrael (the Jewish community) through membership in the Union of Reform Judaism and the World Union for Progressive Judaism.
  • To promote a positive relationship with members of other religious traditions.

Join Congregation Ner Tamid and help build a strong, vibrant Jewish community where your family can thrive!