Yom Sheini, 5 Tammuz 5778

Capital Campaign

Nearly forty years ago, a small group of visionaries had an incredible dream for a reform synagogue in Las Vegas.  The bold vision of those who founded Congregation Ner Tamid and those who later built the congregation its own home was grounded in dedication, determination, and chutzpah.  They had big, and seemingly unrealistic dreams, they extended their reach, and settled for nothing less than achieving their goals.  They imagined and created a congregation that nurtures our community’s spiritual journeys, affords us opportunities to really know one another, engages us in lifelong learning, provides an array of ways we can participate in healing our troubled world, and demonstrates our deep and abiding love for Israel.  

Over the years our Congregation has faced many challenges and we have met those challenges head on, emerging stronger than before.   Today, as we stand on the shoulders of our founders, we face yet another crossroad in our history.  We moved into our beautiful new campus seven years ago.  However, due to the recession we were unable to complete our capital campaign.  And while we have quietly raised funds to sustain our Congregation, today we seek your help in participating in a capital campaign to provide for our current needs and insure that the future of our congregation remains strong and secure for generations to come. 

It is all too easy to see the need for a capital campaign as brick and mortar rising from barren soil.  It is much more difficult to see the need once a building has been completed.   But the need is more urgent than ever.  Our debt service compromises our dreams and challenges our vision.  We need your help in removing our debt so that we can provide financial security for our community today and tomorrow.  

Take a moment and think about how your family has been touched by our Congregation.  Whether it has been the celebration of a simcha or the education of your children; the attendance at one of our adult education programs or the joy of our shabbatone services.  Think about the people who have received help in their time of need and sorrow.  For nearly four decades our Congregation has been a beacon of hope, healing and community for thousands and thousands of people who have passed through our doors each year.   

And now, we ask you to help keep this dream alive by participating in our Capital Campaign.  The manner in which we meet the challenges and opportunities of growth will stand as a measure of our values and a tangible statement of commitment to the future of Congregation Ner Tamid and the larger Jewish community.   


Rabbi Sanford D. Akselrad