Benefits of Membership

Membership provides outstanding programs and events such as: monthly Shabbat B’Yachad dinner and services, Chavurot, Youth Groups, Bikkur Cholim, Lifelong learning opportunities, Young Adult Groups, Social Action, Leadership Training and Development, Sisterhood, and a plethora of additional programs.

Join us for Shabbat or an event that interests you to meet the members and the Rabbi. If you’d like more information, we can send you a packet of information including a newsletter, calendar of upcoming events, schedule of services and school brochures. Please click here to set up an appointment. We like to meet with each and every potential member!

There are many benefits of Temple membership including:

    1. Inspiring Spiritual Worship Services
    1. Being Part of the Temple Family
    1. Feeling nachas (pride) by supporting the Jewish community
    1. Life cycle event support: Baby Naming, Brit Milah, Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, Wedding, Counseling, Funeral, Shiva
    1. The Quarterly Newsletter
    1. Notification of Yarhzeits of Loved Ones
    1. Creative & Outstanding Programming
    1. High Holy Day Tickets
    1. Torah Study
    1. Priority enrollment and discounted tuition for our preschool
    1. Outstanding Opportunities for Lifelong Jewish Learning
    1. Religious & Hebrew School
    1. Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Seniors Group, NextGen for 20’s & 30’s, OurGen (40-ish), Youth Groups
    1. Volunteer opportunities

and much more…..

Members of long standing can attest to the friendships started at Congregation Ner Tamid as they often reminisce about Religious School, Purim carnivals, and Shabbat Dinners. They can tell you about how wonderful it was to share a simchah with Temple friends, and how supportive the entire Temple community can be in times of need.

To be a member, one must apply for membership and make membership dues a commitment. There are no extra charges for High Holy Day services, but there is tuition for Religious and Hebrew School.

Our policy is to not refuse membership because of financial inability to pay the full membership contribution. All dues reduction requests are held in strict confidence, and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Members who believe they qualify for a financial reduction should mail the dues relief application to the Temple office or email to

In addition to making a financial commitment, we hope that those becoming members will make a commitment to shabbat participate fully in the life of the synagogue by attending services, various educational and social programs, and by volunteering their time and energy as needed.

We are delighted that you are considering making Congregation Ner Tamid a part of your life!

Pay Your Membership Dues Here


For Information About Joining Congregation Ner Tamid:


Robert Unger


(702) 733-6292 ext 202

Menorah Partners help sustain our congregation by increasing their personal dues to one of the levels below. This gives CNT the opportunity to offer scholarships to our religious school and dues reductions to those in need of financial assistance. All donor levels will receive the following benefits:

Wooden Menorah

    • 10 tributes to be sent through the Temple office
    • Annual Listing in the Bulletin
    • Special Bimah Opportunities throughout the year
    • Opportunities to attend Invitation-Only events
    • The knowledge that you are investing in the strength of our Congregation
    • *Receive a reserved parking spot at High Holy Days
    • *2 additional High Holy Day tickets
    • *Free Religious School fees

Levels of Menorah Partner Membership

*Keeper of the Flame – $10,000
*Diamond – $7,500
*Platinum – $6,000
Gold – $4,500
Silver – $3,150

Menorah Partners

Keeper of the Flame – $10,000
Selma Bartlett
Illisa & Eric Polis

Diamond – $7,500
Norma Friedman

Platinum – $6,000
Chloe Gosselin & David Copperfield
Yvonne & Jerry Gordon
Alice Ross-Stanton & Gordon Stanton
Joyce Mack
Christy & Alan Molasky
Rhonda Mushkin
Sandy & Scott Stolberg
Kathy Torjman
Adrienne & Bob Unger
Jennifer & Gordon Wangers
Juanita & David Wasserman
Andrea & Matthew Weinberger

Gold – $4,500
Diane & Kenneith Epstein
Lynn & Gary Kantor
Joyce & Steve Sperling
Mindy & James Wadkins

Silver $3,150
Goessel & John Anson
Sylvia & Neil Beller
Joanne & Lee Bernick
Debra & Mitchell Cohen
Amy & Ryan Crighton
Joanne Dandin
Taren Falk-Lipman & Brian Lipman
Sarah & Bruce Familian
Lori Frankl & Scott Greenspan
Karen & George Freed
Jennifer & Mitchell Garshofsky
Jill Hanlon
Andrea Harris
Cindy Jensen
Wendy & Jack Katz
Lisa & Mark Katz
Shelley Berkley & Larry Lehrner
Stephanie & Michael Lehrner
Debbie & Drew Levy
Stacey and Steven Lewis
Helene Linden
Sharlene & Ronald Ostrove
Marjorie Parnas
Dena & Alan mann
Gwen & Jim Mason
Adrienne & Ira Miller
Irina & Andrew Molasky
Steven Molasky
Jennifer Neeman
Jacky & Larry Rosen
Teri & Gary Rosenberg
Mary & Don Ross
Sara & Daniel Schuman
Allyn & Barry Shulman
Karen Settle & Edward Mutton
Marcy & Jack Simon
Erika & Gregg Solomon
Jon Sparer
Barbara & Barney Tabach
Doug Unger
Shelli & George Wara