Our Sisterhood is a wonderful way to build friendships, nurture your soul, and expand your mind. It is also a way to serve your congregation and have fun. Sisterhood is an organization designed to appeal to women of all generations — to cater to women with multiple interests. We look forward to your involvement!

Our Mission Statement

CNT Sisterhood offers something for every woman and extends the hand of friendship to all. Together, as women, we embrace our heritage, foster mitzvot, serve congregants, support temple and youth activities, promote camaraderie, and celebrate and support one another. Sisterhood members are welcome to attend any Board Meeting. The meetings are held at CNT at 7:00pm on the second Thursday of the month. For more information contact Michelle Blank.

The Fund 4 Youth program assists CNT youth to go to Jewish sleep away camp or day camp during the summer, when they otherwise could not afford. Sisterhood raises funds from the Raffle during the Hanukkah Bazaar and by soliciting funds from Temple members. It is our goal that as many CNT youth can attend camp as possible. Historically Sisterhood provides over $10,000 in scholarships to campers in need each year.

Sisterhood Events

September 30 – Sisterhood Paid Membership Luncheon

October 24 – Sisterhood Ladies Night Out – Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe – RSVP to Cookie at (702) 270-9403

November 1 – Flour Power Challah Baking

November 4 – Sisterhood Holiday Bazaar

December 9 – Chanukah Party

Contact Information

Michelle Blank- Sisterhood President